This blog is written by a lover of movies of all genres written from the viewpoint of the movie goer not the movie critic, thought they have their place.

There will be no genuflecting at the feet of any particular directors – some sites give a movie a great review just because it has a famous director’s name attached to it. This is not that type of site. If it is not any good I won’t be afraid to let you know.

Why call this blog ” Is this movie any good ? “.

Well if you have been to see a movie before your friends or family, this is a question that they will ask you – probably more for financial reasons, but also to do with time.

I have lost the amount times I have been at a movie, looked at my watch or thought ” What will I have for dinner “.

I may not always mention the director or the actor’s name, this movie blog is more about the story of the movie.

I will try not to accidently let slip a major point of the movie, but I am only human !! Feel free to call me on it, if you like. I would love hear your comments on my reviews. If you don’t agree with my review get in touch.

I will be switching genres, so it may it not always be the ” Movie De Jour “, just what I what I went to see this week and might even be a re – release of a classic.


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