Atomic Blonde


“The name is Blonde, Jane Blonde”
Well it’s not, it’s actually Lorraine Broughton (Charlize Theron), but any spy film can’t help but being compared to a certain other well known spy franchise. In fact the Jason Bourne franchise has stolen a bit of Bond’s thunder of late, so you kind of have to throw that into the mix too, if we are comparing. How does it measure up, well here is this week’s review.

Lorraine Broughton is MI6 most elite spy and it is 1989 in Berlin just before the wall is about to fall and she is called on to retrieve a very important list and take down an espionage ring into the bargain.

David Leitch is a newcomer to the director’s chair, but he has experience as a stunt coordinator and he is certainly called on to draw on that experience in the fight scenes of which there are quite a few, in fact the movie is heavy on these as Lorraine Broughton kicks and punches her way across Berlin. She tends to hit first and ask questions later, presuming she has not dispatched them first.

This movie also likes dipping into the late 90’s playlist with a bit of Bowie too. The movie very rarely stops to take a breath and there are more than a few twists, turns and double crosses, a little too many to mention in fact. Does all of this mixed together work out? Well it probably works best when watched on a surface level as it is based on a original graphic novel and a lot of the action is truly comic book, similar to the superhero genre and violence that tends to take place in them.

For all it’s faults as this director is still finding his feet, it is an enjoyable watch if you like that sort of thing. It will most likely not stick longer in the mind once you step out of the cinema door but forgive it that and you will find it an enjoyable watch. After all this movie is coming out during the summer, we are not looking for deep and meaningful here, the winter months and the run up to next year’s Oscars will take care of that.


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