The Big Sick


Hope that I haven’t scared you too much with my picture this week, it’s okay it’s just your regular friendly movie review. This week’s selection is The Big Sick, it has been a while since we’ve had a comedy to review.

Just before I start into my review, my little movie experience while asking for my movie ticket “I would like one for The Big Sick at ten past six”, it’s easier to write than say believe me, quite a tongue twister let me tell you, I’m digressing aren’t I.

As it happens the lead character’s name has not been changed
as Kumail Nanjiania, who happens to be a Pakistani comic portraying himself.
Well, while doing his set up on stage he given a friendly heckle by a girl
called Emily ( Zoe Kazan ) at one of his stand-up shows.

P.s The real Emily also helped to write the movie’s screenplay.

Over time their relationship blossoms, but he is Pakistani and she is not. As in many cultures, his parents expect that he will marry a girl from that country and do quite a lot of staged semi comedic meet and greets to make sure that this happens, unaware that his real affections lie elsewhere.

Suddenly Emily develops a life affecting illness and is placed into medically induced coma. While staying at the hospital with her, he meets Emily’s parents portrayed by Ray Romano and Holly Hunter. As Emily is trying to recover, they start to bond with each other and Kumail finds himself liking them more and more. This turns out to be a slight problem as Emily’s and Kumail last meeting before her illness took hold, was not stellar.

It’s a hard thing to switch from things going well and then not so well, but this movie manages to pull it off. Maybe this is in part thanks to the fact that this is a story based in truth. Such is life, with the good comes the bad with a little bit of humour mixed in.

If you have been longing for a good romantic comedy to come along,
then this may be the one for you.
Both affecting and comedic in equal measure, worth seeking out.


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