Spiderman: Homecoming is our movie for review this week, and you are probably thinking why should I bother seeing this movie, haven’t we seen two other actors and 5 movies portray him before. What new story is there to tell and do we really need to see another origin story again. Thankfully the filmakers know that we have most likely seen at least one or two of these movies and their take is a little different.

Rather than Spiderman: Homecoming, a more accurate title might be Spiderman: The High School Years. You may remember that Spiderman popped up with some of the other Marvel Universe in Captain America: Civil War and this movie is not afraid to poke a little fun at his goody – goody image. Disinterested careers and gym teachers, no bother our Cap will step into the breach!! Anyway Tom Holland reprises his role from that movie here, his youthful exuberance is infectious.

Our Spidey wants in on being a full member of the Avengers, but Tony Stark (AKA – Iron Man) – Robert Downey Jr says “You are not quite ready kid” or words to that effect. So what’s this movie’s take on the story.

It appears while it’s quite nice that the Avengers keep saving the world, but boy do they leave some mess behind. That’s going to be a big clean up job for someone. Spiderman’s foe does not originally set out that way – an enterprising construction guy – played by Michael Keaton, otherwise more famous for playing another superhero in another universe. Well, he finds some alien technology in the rubble, post – Avengers battle and decides to exploit it. Fast forward a little and he doesn’t want to let anyone spoil his fun. He morphs into Vulture and Spiderman’s current foe has been born.

Going back to the start all be it from a slightly different angle, when this story has already been told is always a little risky, but I am happy to report that this take works and I won’t be surprised if they have another outing for your friendly neighbourhood web-slinger before too much longer. It has it’s faults for sure, show me a comic superhero – based movie that doesn’t but there is enough humour and action here for you to forgive that in the most part. Lots here for Marvel fans and first timers to enjoy.

P.s What about Aunt May!!



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