Baby Driver


Even if we don’t always have our music headphones in, we from time to time have an internal soundtrack in our heads, a remembered song that we heard that day or from long ago by something we have seen that sparks a memory.

Baby (Ansel Elgort) on the other hand has a nearly forever rolling soundtrack playing in his head for reasons that are explained in the movie. He is a good driver, no rewind that he is a great driver but finds himself constantly under the thumb of a crime boss (Kevin Spacey).

The phone call is made and he is once again drawn into the world of crime as a professional getaway driver, this is his life. But he decides one day to stop into a diner and his whole outlook changes when he happens upon a waitress (Lily James), she makes him stop and question his life choices and he thinks outside his current narrow world view – maybe there is another life I am not living and I could live it with her.

Ah, if life were that simple, sadly it rarely is and the lady of his dreams gets drawn into the maelstrom of chaos following a heist gone badly wrong.

This must have been a really tough gig for whoever had to secure the music rights for this movie, as one song fades out almost immediately a new one fades in. This movie is best described as a soundtrack with bits of dialogue, crime and action weaved into it.

So now the question of the moment, did I enjoy the movie? I liked it but if I am being honest here, this year’s effort in The Fast And The Furious franchise did more for me.
You may however may feel differently and if a Bonnie & Clyde -esque caper is your thing then you will enjoy this movie.

The lead character in the movie likes to mix his music and I found myself on my trip home after the cinema riffing two songs together, so maybe the movie affected me more than I thought!!




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