Summer – A Filmic Desert?



Maybe in part this current blog is caused by the very thing I am writing about. So, let me explain myself a little more clearly.

Now we all know that there a few tentpole movie blockbusters which hold up the metaphorical Summer tent of releases – sequels, prequels, remakes for the upteenth time and very heavy on the action movies, but what if these are not your bag so to speak. You can literally see the tumbleweed blowing through the abandoned ghost town.

It’s as regular as the seasons in fact, it’s blockbusters or nothing. Now some cinemas whose clientele do not really frequent these movies are required to be a little more creative and create seasons of multiple movies that evoke nostalgia in their audience and that help to bring the punters in.

But come the end of the summer, it’s like some biblical flood and before you know where you are, you find yourself having to make multiple choices at your local cinema as to what to see that week.

So, Hollywood this is a plea from a moviegoer please give us a little more choice in your Summer releases or spread out your releases more evenly, I need my regular weekly or fornightly new movie fix. Who knows I might even decide to cancel my Summer holiday plans!!


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