My Cousin Rachel



Every so often we have had our fill of indie, action or superhero movies and we think “Why not go do the more cultural route”. This also tends to happen when you really do not fancy what is showing at the movies that week and you can’t let the week pass without at least seeing one movie.

My Cousin Rachel was the movie of choice this week and is based on book written by Daphne De Maurier.

Philip (Sam Clafin) travels to Florence, upon arriving there he discovers his cousin Ambrose has died. With little to go on he builds up a belief that Rachel (Rachel Weisz) has caused his death. When she arrives back to England clothed from head to toe in black and quite grief stricken at Ambrose’s passing, his feelings soften towards her.

He starts to become obsessed by her and her beauty and finds himself falling in love with her.While he is out in polite society, people around him speak in hushed tones about Rachel or those closest to him warn him that she is not all she appears to be and has darker motives and may want his bequeathed estate for herself. Despite falling for her and changing his will, things take place which make him question himself. Is his initial suspicion of her correct? Are her motives pure?

Rachel Weisz is mesmerizing as the literary based Rachel and perfectly inhabits this part. Like Philip based on just a look, we too as viewers constantly question Rachel and whether she is all that she appears. If you like these type of literary adaptations then this is one that is worth checking out or even if you are not, why not go a different route at the movies this week.

Rachel is a mystery and I found myself constantly questioning her and her intentions, right up to the last frame. Even as the credits rolled, I still had a rather large question mark planted in my mind.

…. ????


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