Wonder Woman


Do you remember Batman v Superman? I am sure if you happened to be a fan of the superhero genre, you are probably trying to wipe it from your mind and as a fan, we hoped for more. But one of the good things in the movie was the appearance of Wonder Woman ( Gal Gadot ) and someone decided in Hollywood to greenlight a movie just for her. I am here to tell you that I am glad they did, my faith has been restored, I like superhero movies again with a new and renewed passion.

Patty Jenkins is the director this time around – she directed the Oscar winning Monster from many years ago, I may be open to correction but 2003 was the year I think.

Wonder Woman or Diana to give her proper title, is princess of the Amazons. Despite her mother wishing to be other, she is spellbound by the female warriors who live on the the island that she is growing up on. She is trained to be a warrior as she grows up, but it appears that she is no ordinary warrior.

One day while training on her sheltered island paradise an American pilot (Chris Pine) quite literally crash lands onto her island with a band of rather angry German troops in hot pursuit. The world of man has invaded this mythical realm and things are never the same again for Diana. She is convinced that she can help stop this war to end all wars and defeat the forces of evil.

If I did have a little gripe, the final section feels a bit like an afterthought. But this is a minor thing in an otherwise strong and enjoyable movie. Thankfully I did not need the lasso of truth to say that – looked painful!!Ouch!!




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