Pirates Of The Caribbean – Salazar’s Revenge

In classic 1930’s Hollywood pirates were cool, then for whatever reason pirates were not quite as cool. But Walt Disney must have watched quite a few of these movies, he still thought that they cool. So much so that he created a ride in his theme parks called Pirates Of The Caribbean. Well every so often a pirate movie was tried but seemed to sink without trace at the box office – Cutthroat Island anyone?

So we come a little more up to date, despite dire predictions The Walt Disney Company decided to expand their theme park ride into a movie. Well were all surprised, it wasn’t half bad and thanks in large part to Johnny Depp’s portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow, pirates were cool again. So now we have reached no.5 in the franchise and what’s the verdict.

Not the best of the bunch, not the worst. I suppose a bit like a kid who shouts ” Again, again” and before going on the park ride had one too many sweets, you tend to feel that was fun at first but I think I have had my fill. It might just be time to try another ride in the park, so to speak.

Well Captain Jack is back and Macca too ( p.s that’s Paul McCartney by the way).
I suppose the filmmakers thought we have had one of The Rolling Stones, so why not one of The Beatles, wonder how much he got for that little cameo!! Johnny Depp for sure did for reprising his role!!

Well as our seafaring tale begins, Captain Jack Sparrow is back on the swashbuckling high seas, but a ghost from his past quite literally appears on the horizon in the form of an old nemesis Captain Salazar (Javier Bardem). Jack’s only way of keeping his head above water, so to speak is to seek out the Trident of Poseidon and along the way he
must ally himself with a brilliant female astronomer and a young lad in the British navy.

Well a least a movie few weeks ago in the Fast And The Furious franchise had the decency to re-invent itself, but unlike that movie which had a similar running time and zipped along at pace, this one feels a might too long. This tale could have been told in a little less time and it would have made for a much more engaging movie. Oh Hollywood what is your obsession with making so many movies 2 hours plus these days.

I think with this movie that now even die-hard fans of the franchise may want Captain Jack Sparrow to sail off into the sunset and retire to a sun kissed tropical island and count his many golden coins, Johnny Depp probably is!!



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