Breathes in – This movie is a metaphorical,a comedic, a dramatic, an action, monster mash up – Breathes out – Phew!! This movie is hard to pigeonhole into one particular category it’s a little bit of all of the above. The movie trailer may lead you to believe that this movie is just a comedy, but it is actually quite dark in parts.

This movie was originally meant to be a small indie Spanish language movie but then Anne Hathaway came on board and the movie became much bigger than initially planned, but it still at heart wears its indie clothes.

Gloria (Anne Hathaway) burns the candle at both ends, so to speak – she likes to drink and party quite a bit. She is a night owl and as she has no job at present, she spends a good part of her days recovering from the night before. Her current boyfriend has lost his patience with her and informs her that when he returns from work, that she no longer be there.

As with many in this situation Gloria returns to the more familiar and what she hopes will provide a new start, she arrives back in her childhood hometown. While wandering around her former neighbourhood, she encounters¬†Oscar (Jason Sudeikis), who runs a bar. That’s not really ideal for someone who is trying to stay away from such things.

Well, we all have trouble remembering what happened the night before when we have drunken a little too much. But it turns out that there is little more to a distant monster attacking downtown Seoul than first appears.

This to say the least this is an interesting concept and this movie will not appeal to all, the teaser trailer I feel is a little misleading. You may think that you are going to get a particular movie but what you get as mentioned earlier is a much darker movie, which looks at what destruction can be wrought when you can’t control your drinking. There are certainly moments of comedy in this movie, but it is not a movie that is played purely for laughs

Now that I have told you all that if this movie still peaks your interest, then you may like it. But if this concept sounds a little too off the wall for you, maybe you would prefer something a little lighter and frothier with your popcorn at the movies this week.


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