Alien: Covenant

I think with this current one, director Ridley Scott may have been infected.
Not by an alien parasite as you might expect me to say, but with a touch of GeorgeLucasitis. See not too may years ago George Lucas decided that the whole Star Wars needed to be told and expanded on the late 70’s / early 80’s trilogy with three new prequels. Now I will leave it up to you to decide whether you think that idea worked or not.

Now back to our director Ridley Scott, maybe he thought that we needed to know how the Alien was born so to speak. I think myself the Wizard of Oz analogy works here. Should we peek behind the curtain what we see is not very scary. Having seen the original Alien and Aliens, not too many weeks ago in anticipation of this movie’s release, I am tending to veer more and more to that point of view.

I suppose I better get onto the review hadn’t I. Well we are out in space, that’s a given and we find ourselves on the Covenant, a colony ship which is composed of couples and a significant number of other colonists and embryos. They are heading for a new distant planet many years away which they are going to colonise and populate.

Well that’s the backstory, now to the main event – the ship’s main skeleton crew of 15 are ripped from their cryo – sleep, by an advancing nutreno storm, disaster strikes almost immediately and their original mission captain is lost.While they are doing repairs,they pick up a faint echo of a message from a nearby planet.

They decide to investigate further as the signs that life might survive on this planet are good, they wonder when doing their surveys how this planet was overlooked. Now the talk starts – do we really need to spend many more years in space, when this one looks like a pretty good place to set up a new home. Yes I think you can see where this is going, we are in the Alien universe after all!!

P.s I should have mentioned earlier that this current mission begins some 11 years after the Prometheus mission and this is more of a sequel to that movie rather than a prequel to the original quadrilogy.

The two actors of note are Katherine Waterston, as the now widow of the original captain. She is certainly channeling a certain other actress in the Alien universe.
Another standout performance is Michael Fassbender playing the duel roles of David and Walter.

It seems that this movie does quite a lot of box ticking from the movies that came before,making sure to add the scenes we expect. Not sure it quite works.

Well I think finally that this movie scores a middling score on the Giger counter,
a little cheeky reference to concept artist H.R.Giger, who gave the Alien
it’s distinctive look, there folks!!
The movie is kind of scary while watching it, but does not linger long in the mind once you have stepped outside the cinema door, I just hope that the next one in the series pushes the scares up a little. I actually want these movies to scare me, be the stuff of my nightmares, this one I have seen scarier things on the bottom of my shoe!!


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