Movie Themes, don’t dismiss their importance to a movie.

This seems to happen every few weeks, a lot of movies get released then if you have managed to catch most of them and the others you don’t really fancy going to see you find that there is nothing to review.

It so happened this week that I was at a concert to celebrate International Star Wars Day and the soundtrack from quite a number of them were played including the most obvious one. It was played by an orchestra, boy did they sound good!!

This put in mind to me the importance of a movie theme to a movie, if well composed they take on a life of their own and the creator of the soundtrack can come to be as well celebrated as a movie director – John Williams being probably the best known modern example. He has been the choice of many movie directors and the soundtracks he is known for are far too numerous to list here, but there is a good chance that at least one or two of your favourite movies will have a soundtrack written by him.

Is it too much to say that they have become a branch of popular classical music in their own right, well there is good chance that for quite a number of the attendees at the concert that this may have been the first time they ever attended a concert played by an orchestra.

We can sometimes forget how important a specially composed movie theme can be for a movie. Were you to remove it would lessen the enjoyment that is tied up in that movie.
So let us celebrate the movie theme, our movies would not be the same without them.They are so much part of the magic that movies still mean to us, despite all the other things that try grab for our attention in the modern world.

I for one may listen a little closer now when I go to see Alien:Covenant next week to see how that movie’s theme sounds and the emotions it evokes. Look out for the review next weekend.


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