Guardians Of The Galaxy -Volume 2

Now I know that I may be in the minority here, but for me – the first Guardians Of The Galaxy, while okay did not really do it for me. It was comic book thin and the two stand out characters Groot (Vin Diesel) and Rocket (Bradley Cooper) were what made me hope for more from the sequel Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 2. It is what made me return for a second viewing.

Well as before these are the two stand out performances in this movie too. The signs at the start were good, Kurt Russell is now on board – so I hoped that his appearance would mean that this movie might surpass the previous one.

This movie centres around trying to keep this new team/family call it what you will together, while still on the personal search for Peter Quill at least (Chris Pratt) for his missing father.

Now this plot point was given away in the trailer, so it can’t really be classed as a spoiler- it turns out that Ego The Planet (Kurt Russell) is his long lost father.
Mmmh, this is not the first time that reveal has happened in a sci – fi movie has it!! It turns out while Peter and Ego are trying to make up for lost time, that Ego – well Ego by name – Ego by nature!!
Again this happened before in another sci – fi franchise.
Dad is bad, very bad.

This movie as before has a pretty good soundtrack – Volume 2 – Mix Tape. For me at least as before this was one of the highlights of an otherwise just okay movie. For me the movie felt like the audio tape was running at too slow a speed. So please Marvel when you return, do better on number 3 as mentioned to in the closing credits, because based on this – on Volume 3, I may be turning the volume down.

The sci – fi genre deserves better.


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