Their Finest

This one for those who like their movies set in a particular time period and this movie does it pretty well too.

I heard another reviewer comment about the lead actress in this movie – Gemma Arterton, that she should be celebrated a lot more. I have to say that I agree, she is a much under appreciated actress. She was one of the best things about a movie from a while ago The Girl With All The Gifts, very different in storyline to this one. But she is on top form here too.

Now to the story at hand, we find ourselves in blitz – ravaged London during the Second World War. a married woman (Gemma Arterton) decides to go for a job for what she thinks a secretarial position at The Ministry Of Information film division. Someone has read something she wrote once in a newspaper and feels that she would quite good at writing from a female point of view and injecting this insight into some of the ministry’s propaganda film output. Quite a lot women go to the cinema, she is told and they feel that they have yet to appeal to this part of the audience based on their current form.

Although she is ” married “to a struggling artist, during her time working on an a movie about the Dunkirk evacuation, she finds herself more and more attracted to screenwriter (Sam Claflin).

This movie deftly mixes the lighthearted with the tragic. While what happens on the film set illicits laughter, we are at war and every so often it rears its ugly head and reminds of that strange juxtaposition of comedy and tragedy that can happen during wartime.

So if this mix of period drama, comedy and tragedy appeals to you, then it’s  “One in the eye to Adolf” and “Jolly good show, what!!”



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