Fast and Furious 8

What sort of movies do you like to go and see at the cinema? Deep and meaningful or just purely popcorn and chocolate munching?

Why am I asking this question? Well this movie fits very surely into that category, know that going in and you will have a high – octane, speedy fun ride. Just occasionally when we go to the cinema we just want to sit back and be visually entertained . This is like watching a movie version of a video driving game and this movie knows that this is the primary audience that will be going to see it and it delivers this to them.

I think that this is part of the reason why we have now reached number eight in the franchise, we know what we are going to get and don’t seem to mind anyway. “Entertain me ” is what we are saying to the movie maker. Is it the best of the bunch, well I think the fact that we are sitting in the cinema seat for number 8 means that we don’t mind too much.

This movie runs for about 130 minutes which actually sounds like too long for this type of movie, but surprisingly that time passes quickly so they must be doing something right. The throttle pedal is pushed down at the start and is pretty much kept down for most of its running time.

What is the storyline? Do you actually care? Well just in case you do here’s a summary.

Dom (Vin Diesel) & Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) have got hitched and the rest of the crew are trying to settle into a normal life, yeah that’s going to happen,not!!
Dom receives a phone call from a nefarious and mysterious woman called Cipher
(Charlize Theron) and Dom has to betray the rest of his crew. Why? That’s the extent of it.

So sit back, strap on your seatbelt and enjoy the ride!! I certainly did.

Just a little word, this movie is a 12A cert, so if you are bringing the smaller people along maybe just bring the older ones. The younger ones – I hear there is a new Peppa Pig movie out.


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