Ghost In The Shell 2017

Apologies first for not supplying you with your normal movie review last week, but all is right with the world again as we now resume where we left off.

This movie is based on a Japanese Manga comic which was then turned into a Japanese Anime animation all the way back in 1995, still with me are you? This movie has taken it’s time being turned into a live action movie, in fact nearly 10 years as it turns out. Has the wait been worth it? Make that a partial yes.

Ghost In The Shell is kind of an apt title. There is no doubt that kudos should go for how this movie looks but is there anything beneath all that shiny visual magic. I certainly felt at times that I was in a video game or that the filmmakers just couldn’t get the movie Blade Runner out of their head. It is no doubt is sure to have inspired its look in some way.

So now to the actual story at hand in case you have not read the comic or seen the Anime movie. The part cyber, part human Major (Scarlett Johansson) has been created to be the ultimate soldier whose task is to thwart the nefarious activity of the criminal underworld.
Never mind your computer being hacked, in this future people have become so used to being upgraded with digital enhancements that humans themselves are falling prey to be targeted for the data that exists within their brains. Brain drain indeed!!

Finally I think the concept and the visuals are what stand out about this movie, but like Major’s character now that she is no longer human, it lacks a soul. Its like a visual realisation of a comic in that it is paper thin and ultimately disposable. Visual eye candy but nothing more sad to say. I was hoping for more.


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