Beauty And The Beast

A tale as old as….., well you know the rest I am sure and I am pretty sure you are singing the tune as I speak. There in lies an issue – with a such a well known and loved animation, how do you update it and bring it from the drawn page to something more akin to the real world. Some stories that work so well when animated as the audience go with you a lot easier can struggle when the leap is made.

Thankfully the basics were good from the start, a story that everyone knows and has grown up with and some really good sing-a-long songs. Also the fact Disney are quite adept now at bringing their animation classics to life helps greatly, they didn’t muck up The Jungle Book so the signs were good.

Let’s be honest here, I could lay out the storyline for this movie, but I am sure a much younger you fell asleep while either reading or was read this story  by an adult. From a young age these fairytales stories are quite literally the ones we grew up on and was probably the first experience of you learning what the difference between good and bad was.

There is a good reason why these stories are classics and thankfully Disney knows that well used term – if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Whether you are 5 or 50 this movie transports you into this sort of fantasy land and you are absorbed by the magic of it all.

The term family film has been used many times but this movie sits perfectly happily alongside it’s animated predecessor without taking from why we liked that one to begin with. A family film that is truly for everyone in the family and sure to be a classic and watched over and over again and is there anything wrong with that!!



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