Kong – Skull Island

Before the opening credits start we hear the sound of buzzing planes and the sound of an ape’s roar, have we just stepped back more than a number of decades. Well we have just not as far as we initially think. The first scene finds us on a deserted island where an American and a Japanese World War Two pilot are continuing their version of the larger battle. But quicker than you can say there is a really large monkey on the horizon, we are fast forwarded to Vietnam War in the early 70’s just prior to the American withdrawl from that country.

John Goodman’s explorer character Bill Randa says needs to get back to this hidden island, so despite themselves his backers allow him one more roll of the dice.
Along with him he is accompanied by Brie Larson as Mason Weaver  – a Pulitzer Prize seeking photographer, Tom Hiddleston as Captain James Conrad, former SAS soldier, Samuel.L.Jackson as Lt.Col.Preston Packard with his band of U.S soldiers and finally some scientists along for good measure.

After reaching the island the soldiers and the scientists start to drop seismic charges from the army helicopters, to flush something from the dark green undergrowth. Well, nothing can go wrong there!! In the greatest understatement, one of the soldiers blurts out ” Was that a monkey”, yes it was and then some and he is none to happy about being disturbed.

This movie knows that this is not a movie that has a deep story to it, we just want to be entertained. It borrows from quite a few movies that came before and quite well as it turns out. Well, it appears that the giant ape is not the only thing that has been supersized on this island, you really do not want to holiday on this island. In fact for your own personal safety the quicker you can get off it the better, but this island does let people who land on it off that easily. This is a monster island for sure!!

You may be tempted to hop up as the credits roll at the end but linger a little while longer. Kong is a very big ape, but to paraphrase what someone said in another movie ” There’s always a bigger fish!!” or something like that. Roaaarh !!


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