First of all this movie review has nothing to do with a certain Irish Eurovision Song Contest winner, sorry that will mean nothing to anyone not reading this in Ireland.
But we are literally laughing ourselves silly here in the Emerald Isle about that reference.

Can Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and his Marvel character incarnation really have been in as many as 9 X- Men based movies, well it appears that he has, it also appears that the years are starting to catch up on Wolverine and he also finds himself trying to take care of a much frailer Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart) in a semi – desert area close to the US/ Mexico border. This landscape closely evokes Wolverine’s current state.

Logan/ Wolverine is trying to keep a low profile,but he finds that his past is stalking him metaphorically and literally in the shape of a young mutant, whose powers closely resemble his. Their paths cross and now Logan, Professor Xavier and this young mutant find themselves being chased across the country by sinister and dark forces who are trying to capture back the young mutant.

While previous X – Men based movies have had darkness in them, this one in particular ramps up the gore, not cutting away from it as others may have done in the past. This accounts for the higher age rating on cinema screens. It appears that the success of last year’s release Deadpool may in part be responsible for this darker tone of this particular movie.

This is the last outing for Hugh Jackman’s  version of Wolverine, the bigger question that has not yet been answered yet, is this the last outing for the X – Men franchise?
Well we are pretty sure that along with Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart will not return. But as I sat watching this movie I could not shake the feeling that maybe they might,based on the numbers at the box office for this current oue, who knows only time will tell.

I myself liked the darker note to this current grittier outing and it in parts evokes the feel of a western and that genre, the upping of the violence may not be to everyone’s taste, mind you. But based on this movie it does not feel like a movie that is running out steam, in fact it feels like the starting of something new. Should this be the last outing the X- Men are going out on a high.


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