Who Knew That About Star Wars!!

Well didn’t frequent the movies this week, so what to do – Oscar preview perhaps.

I decided seeing as it will be quite a few years back since Star Wars ‘ A New Hope was released into the cinema to an unsuspecting cinema going public, that a sort of trip down memory lane was needed.

Not a Star Wars fan,sorry I am so here goes. Some you may have heard or read before, some are a little less well known with a little bit of the personal thrown in.

Did you know that word  ‘ Ewok ‘ is actually never said in any of the Star Wars movies?

Did you know that there was a disco version of the Star Wars ‘ A New Hope ‘ theme back in 1977? P.s little personal fact here I once owned a 7″ inch single of this, ah where is it now!!

Well we all know that James Earl Jones is the voice of Darth Vader. But did you know that David Prowse who is the man inside the suit is better known at least on these shores to children of the 70’s and 80’s as the ‘ Green Cross Code Man ‘ a la dressed as a Superman styled superhero.

Is it just me or are Disney channeling their inner Donald Duck with the design of the most current stormtrooper helmet. Well this is not the first time ducks and Star Wars have co-existed. One of George Lucas’s lesser know movies is called Howard The Duck. George what were you thinking!! Only if you are fan is this worth checking out. Thankfully it did not do well at the box office and has pretty much sunk without trace. I saw it once and let me tell you that was one time too many!!

It’s iconic now, that opening sequence text crawl at the start of Star Wars ‘ A New Hope’ and nowadays it would be done on a computer. Well things were a little more homemade back in the day. You too can create this effect by getting a large piece of wood painting it black, attaching the text to said wooden board, leaning it back and then panning up it with a movie camera.

Well I hope you enjoyed this little diversion to a galaxy far,far away and for me at least – Star Wars ‘ A New Hope ‘ will just be Star Wars!!



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