Hidden Figures & The Founder

Well it’s happened again, you are getting two movies for the price of one, both are based on true stories. One set of characters you will certainly warm to, the other less so but both are equally engaging.

Hidden Figures

This a story of a race and race, let me explain myself a little more clearly. This tells the story of three women –  Katherine G. Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson, which on it’s own would be an interesting tale but these women are involved in the American space race that would eventually lead to landing men on the moon. P.s By the way all three of these women also happened working with NASA and  African – American in the southern part of America in the late 50’s and 60’s.

Taraji. P.Henson portrays Katherine, Octavia Spencer as Dorothy and finally Janelle Monáe as Mary. Yes there are other faces you will recognise namely Kevin Costner and Kirsten Dunst but this is not their story.

This story manages to tell this largely unknown story, with a lot of heart and love for it’s three main women. It would have been so easy for this movie to have ventured into a Hollywood gloss over of their tale, thankfully it doesn’t and allows each of their stories to shine and be told. A movie where you empathise  and care about these three women.

They were groundbreaking women in their time and you be sure to exit the cinema with a smile on your face and respect for these three women and what they managed to achieve.

The Founder

This character unlike the three women in our previous movie review is a lot less easy to empathise with, but this story happens at around the same time period as the previous one.

Ray Kroc ( Michael Keaton) is a man who doesn’t really exist anymore – A travelling salesman, who moves from town to town hoping that you want to buy what he is selling.He has sold many things before and his current product is a milkshake mixer.

Well one day he receives a call from back at the office, there are two brothers Mac and Dick McDonald, who request that they require eight of his product. This is quite a surprise to him as most of the time he struggles to even sell one. Curious he sets off on a cross – country road trip as much to find out why they require this many mixers.

Pulling up to the restaurant he happens upon a strange site – An all – American meal – burger, fries and a drink, but served fast. The two brothers have streamlined the whole cooking process. This is a revelation to Ray and he is given the factory tour by the two brothers.

Well faster than you can say,”I’ll have fries with that”, Ray has convinced the two brothers to let him by into their concept and expand their revolutionary  idea. You can’t help and feel sympathy for the two brothers, they have met their match and then some.

Ray ran with the idea and now there is pretty much not a country in the world that doesn’t have the restaurant with the Golden Arches in it. You may like him a little but not a lot, well casted, Michael  Keaton.


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