Net – Ireland -Flicks

Some movies are out there to be reviewed and I have not seen one this week and I reviewed The Lego Batman Movie last week which is released widely this weekend, so what to do.

Well seeing as I write this blog from the Emerald Isle, there may be one or two of the current Irish movies on Netflix that you may have missed, and it’s not even St Patrick’s Day yet.

Did you happen to catch Once from some years ago, it’s the story of a busker and lady – well John Carney has visited this musical well again in Sing Street. Sing Street is a love story as much to many a boys fantasy to be in a band and maybe meet a girl along the way.

Whether you grew up in the era that it is set in or not or even listened to that type of music back in the 80’s, it seems to perfectly capture that atmosphere of being a young lad in Dublin in a band that might be stars.

This next one is completely different but equally worth checking out. The genre of war and conflict movies is quite large and would probably be worth of a blog just on it’s own. This however is a story that you may never have heard of. ‘ The Siege Of Jadotville ‘ tells the story up to now largely forgotten but needed to be told story of a group of Irish UN Peacekeeping soldiers. They found themselves far away from their homeland in the Congo. They had been pinned down by a group of rebels and mercenaries in the town of Jadotville. Whether you happen to be Irish or not doesn’t really matter this is a universal story. It is a soldier’s story.

P.s I will not be reviewing the faux – Irish horror Leprechaun series of movies, they were never Irish and I am trying to erase ever having seen them. P.p.s I sincerely hope that this is one movie/s that you can’t view on Netflix. There are some movie that shouldn’t be seen!!


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