The Lego Batman Movie & Sing

Well having left you without any movie post last week I thought why not review two. One is already in the cinema and one will be released fully into cinemas next week.
They are both animation,so it seemed a natural fit to review both of them.


After the success of the previous LEGO movie it was only a matter of time till that the next one would be made. One of the stand out performances of that movie was Will Arnett who voiced the LEGO incarnation of the superhero and he step back into the little plastic feet again for this current outing.

Batman likes to work alone and is not afraid to let you know about too, after all most of the other superhero characters in the DC universe like to wear their primary colours. Batman likes to wear black and it seems to fit his brooding and dark mood. But the man in black and sometimes grey will have to lighten up and let some others share the glory. Batman’s nemesis The Joker is back in town and Batman needs the help of some others to try and defeat him.

Well it’s Lego, it’s Batman need you say more, but getting that out of the way. This movie is certainly enjoyable and great one for both kids and adults alike, there was a very catchy tune in the last one and if I was nitpicking it needed something equally catchy to sing along to. But then I suppose this is Batman, all be it LEGO Batman and as we all know Batman does not do light and sugary sweet. He does dark and brooding, quite well as it turns out. Erases Batman V Superman from ones mind from last year too, no bad thing that!!


A singing talent contest, sounds like you have heard this premise before doesn’t it and certainly there are quite a few of them on TV screens over the past years too. But before you dismiss this out of hand, this movie has heart. Animal animated heart, you are warming to it aren’t you.

Koala Buster Moon ( Voiced by Matthew McConnaughy ) is a guy with a sunny personality but also a bit of a rogue, he is in show business after all.
His sunny outlook does not match his success with running shows however. His theatre is on the the brink of closing it’s doors for good, so he figures what have I got to lose.

As it turns out  $100,000 dollars thanks to his inept assistant’s typing skills. Before he knows what has happened the queues are going around the block with willing and not always talented participants.

After discounting more than quite a few, five emerge, a crooning mouse that evokes the spirit of The Rat Pack a la Las Vegas. Sorry I just had to slip in that rodent related pun there!! The others to emerge are a shy elephant, a mother pig who dreams of her moment in the spotlight,a gorilla and finally a punk – rock porcupine. Oh yes and five rather giggly Japanese teenage foxes. P.s They weren’t picked but you try tell them that, they keep turning up!!

I think that movie catches perfectly the reason why we keep watch these types of talent contest, we all believe that given the chance there is a star in all of us.



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