This tells the story from Jackie Kennedy’s point of view, quite close up with the film camera at times it turns out too, very close. We find Jackie Kennedy reeling from the shock of her husband’s death.

This however is not a linear tale.The events surrounding the death are the counterpoint that the rest of the movie pivots on and we are brought into the story through an interview between Jackie Kennedy (Natalie Portman) and a reporter (Billy Crudup) and a number of flashbacks and recreations of a TV special at the Whitehouse with Jackie Kennedy.

This movie is directed by a non-American director Pablo Larraín, this means that he tells the tale somewhat differently than an American director might do and is one of the strenghts of this movie I feel. Natalie Portman steps into the shoes of Jackie Kennedy and initially it is hard get used to her speech pattern, but is a momentary thought and by the end of the movie that has passed.

Natalie Portman inhabits the mantle of Jackie Kennedy totally and portrays her somewhat at times nervous and sudden entrance into the microscopic world of public and media attention. following her husband’s death. Right throughout the former President’s presidency, he has been the focus of attention, now how is she to remember him in the public spotlight and what sort of historical legacy will be created by her of her husband.

This movie is certain to appear high around Oscar time and after seeing Natalie Portman’s, portrayal of Jackie Kennedy, I can see why this is the case. Sometimes biopics work and other times not, thankfully this one fits into the first and whether you are fan of this type of tale or not this one is worthy of your attention.



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