La La Land

Do you ever feel the need to burst into song while walking down the road, just me then is it? This was an easy sell for me, I’ll admit here I have a soft spot for musicals.

Well if you are not a fan of musicals,well this one may change your mind. While there is certainly musical numbers here you never feel that you are being overloaded by them. This movie I feel is quite clever, it harps back to movies from another age but will appeal to a more modern audience.

The movie opens on a Los Angeles freeway, a women sings along to a song then before you know it we are into a full on song and dance number, stay with me here you will like it I promise.

This is the story of Mia ( Emma Stone ) who while wishes to become actress, can only get as far as the movie lot coffee shop, she happens upon Sebastian ( Ryan Gosling ) who feels that the world has lost it’s love of jazz music and he is determined to change this whatever it takes.

Mia and Sebastian’s first bump into each on said earlier freeway, that fleeting encounter does not go well. One would now assume that that moment is the last time that they will meet. But that is not how it plays out and the stars keep wishing to bring them together.

This movie does something that not many movies manage to pull off nowadays, it transports you into the story and you care about what happens to these two people.

This movie at its heart looks at what is ultimately what is most important – to strive for fame and all the success that comes with it or is it more important to love.

A touching tale that recaptures the magic of movies past and makes you put on your rose-tinted glasses for just a little while, which is no bad thing these days.


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