What To Look Out For At The Movies in 2017

Well movie fans I have returned from my Christmas break and am looking forward to what the new movie year will bring us in 2017. Predictions, well a bit like New Year’s resolutions many of them come not to pass. If I was to predict what might be popular this year, I am sure that by the law of averages I would probably get a certain number right but that might just be luck.

Experience has taught me that a good movie trailer does not always make a good movie.
I am sure that like me that you have seen a trailer for a movie and thought ” There is one that I really want to see “, the movie gets released and well you know the rest …..

Here’s what I think will do well in the box office over the next few months at least after that who knows what might pop up. Notice I have said box office rather than a good movie. This we tend to know not to know until closer to it’s release date. No Oscar or Golden Globe predictions here either I am afraid.

Here is my pick of three I want to go and see in the next month or two at least.

A Monster Calls – Look out for a full review next weekend – It tells the story of young Conor, trying to grapple with his mother’s illness.This movie is out in UK and Irish cinemas right now.

The Lego Batman Movie – What more do I need to say. It’s Lego, It’s Batman – If you liked the The Lego Movie this is a must see Mid – February.

La La Land – One of my guilty pleasures is that I like musicals, so this another one that I would like to see.

Now I am sure that I am leaving more than a few out of what is to come out in 2017, but as I found in 2016 and many years before there are movies that that nobody predicts anything for and surprise us all. My surprise for 2016 was discovering Studio Ghibli’s animation output.

I hope that this year might bring something similar as there are so many regular movie releases weekly that it can be harder to recall the good ones, we all remember the bad ones don’t we. I remember it also had something to do with Batman also !!





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