Star Wars – Rogue One

Well before I start this review I am putting my fan hat aside for a while, kind of hard but here goes.

For those who saw The Force Awakens around this time last year, Luke will be back next year, though quite a few of the main characters from the Star Wars universe do put in an appearance in this movie.

If you have seen Star Wars : A New Hope and let’s be honest here there is a pretty good chance that you have, the text crawl within the beginning of that movie gives you a pretty good clue for what to expect from this movie. The casual observers can’t even have missed it, the Federation are building a massive new weapon, it’s the size of a small planet and as it turns out that’s pretty much what this weapon is good at destroying too. That’s not good.

Stepping into this story is Jyn Erso ( Felicity Jones ), daughter of the creator of this super -weapon. But while building the weapon her father questions what he is creating and this influences Jyn greatly, and when she grows up she decides to join a band of rebels that want to destroy this weapon.

As the original trilogy did,this movie borrows from many other genres, part western, part Japanese influenced, part space story, part fairytale and part war story.
So now you ask – will I have to have seen what came and after, well no as it turns out but there is a very large footprint of the movie that started it all mentioned earlier. After coming out of this movie I certainly wanted to revisit A New Hope, even though I have seen it countless times before.

So whether you happen to a true fan or you are just looking for a great night at the cinema or something to transport you away from the Christmas hub-bub outside the cinema door, well check this movie out, it will transport to a galaxy – well you know the rest !!


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