The Christmas Movie

” Tis the season to be jolly, I wonder what Hollywood will create this year to make some lolly ”

Well before a Star Wars story arrives next week, I thought that I would re-examine the festive movie, I believe that I did it about this time last year too, but it is Christmas after all !!

Well the Christmas movie is a genre unto itself but I find it goes in cycles, this year it seems to be the gross out comedy, other years to be different went the horror route as if we didn’t have enough of that around Christmas anyway. I do not like Christmas lights – whether it is a case of just one bulb going and then the whole set seem to go or they get themselves into such a tangle that in the end through frustration you just buy a new set.

There are so many Christmas movies out there that I am not even going start naming them, I would be here till next Christmas and beyond at that rate.

I think that your favourite one is probably a case of nostalgia, you might love it and Christmas doesn’t seem right unless you see it at least once but others may not agree, bah humbug !!  I also think that Christmas movies only really work before the day. Even watching one the day after Christmas Day feels like you are eating just one more turkey sandwich too many.

As we are talking about turkey this genre does not escape what happens the rest of the year either, it just seems like Hollywood realises that if they don’t bring out at one festive effort that their bottom line is going to suffer.

Whether you do watch a Christmas movie or not this year, have a great one. I will back at light speed next week to review Star Wars : Rogue One. Enjoy the festive season.




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