Just a note before you decide to go see this movie, think first am I afraid of flying ? am I of a nervous disposition ? If you answered yes to these to these questions, well Moana might be the movie of choice for this week. The worst thing that can happen there is that you might be hit on the head by a stray coconut !!

This story is one that was going to be told, even it had not ended up on the big screen,I am sure it would have been turned into a TV movie.

Chesley ” Sully  ” Sullenberger ( Tom Hanks ), is probably the epitome of what we would want if we were ever unfortunate to find ourselves in this situation, a pilot who thinks more about his passengers and tries to get everyone home safely.

This flight has now become known as ” The Miracle On The Hudson ” and by the end you are pretty much likely to agree.It is Jan. 15th, 2009, Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger after taking off from New York’s La Guardia airport on US Airways Flight 1549 encounters a flock of birds. For those that don’t know, bird + jet engine = we’re in really big trouble here.

Now he has to consider returning to the airport he has just left, he goes through his checklist and discovers that his options are extremely limited, very limited it turns out.Well,the rest can be gleaned from the title and I won’t give the rest away, just really to say that this movie concentrates more on the man and the thoughts that go through his head on what might have been if he not done what he did.It also looks in the investigation that came after the incident, they really put him through the mill and made him question had he done the right thing on the day, even though the public were praising him as a hero.

Clint Eastwood has stepped into the directors chair again and  Mr Eastwood likes to tell the stories of of the common man or woman. While his style of film-making has it’s flaws in parts this story I think may mean that some cinemas may need to replace some of their seats due to finger gripping marks in the seats !!




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