Fantastic Beasts And Where to Find Them

Well readers I got to the end of the eight original movies in the Harry Potter universe and am pleased to let you know that despite one or weak ones along the way it ended well.

Why did I visit them in the first place, well movie fans this may surprise but after number one I dipped out and did not watch any of the rest in the series till this year. Doesn’t Daniel Radcliffe grow up fast, magic wizardry indeed !! Another reason for going to see all these movies ? Well it was as much to educate myself about the Harry Potter universe, it turns out however that actually apart from a few filmic breadcrumbs spread throughout this movie, you could actually go and see this movie and not feel out of your depth.

We find ourselves transported to mid – 1920’s New York, Newt Scamander ( Eddie Redmayne ) as many before him have in the city through it’s port. He has been amassing a zoological collection of fantastical creatures along his globe trotting trip around the world.

This was meant to be short stop over before moving on, but life throws you curve balls and this comes the form of a No-Maj ( Americanese for a Muggle ), that’s Harry Potter speak for us humans. Jacob ( Dan Fogler ) finds himself drawn into this fanatastical other world that normally No – Maj’s never glimpse.

I for one like the change of scenery, any story set around this time period pretty much always is engaging and you can see that props department has been very busy dressing every scene, even if we only glimpse it for milli – seconds. This tale is vast and that is always the issue when telling a tale like this and trying to get the film – goer to inhibit your world that has been created.

Sometimes in trying to a larger tale, somethings are actually skirted over, unless this was done on purpose and the blanks will be filled in the subsequent now green- lit rest of this series of movies. Maybe I am nitpicking here, I enjoyed this new glimpse into the larger Harry Potter universe and will certainly be anticipating the next in the series when it is released. So Harry Potter fan or not I think you will like this movie.



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