This movie has quietly crept into the cinemas and that is pretty much a metaphor for this movie’s story line. If you are expecting Independence Day, maybe it might be time to re-visit that particular movie.

How do we find that visitors from another world have arrived,well suddenly everybody’s mobile phones start ringing and taking a look outside the odd air force jet buzzes overhead and twelve elliptical appear all over the world from nowhere.

Well of course the question is asked by the authorities,who are they ? why are they here ? and finally what is there intent for our species to destroy or to save ?

So then they look at the world’s experts and alight on language professor Louise Banks
( Amy Adams ), we need to talk to them but how does that happen. While there is a larger story being told there is also a more personal one. A mother talking to a child on how she came to be. Both stories seem to intertwine with each other.

At it’s heart this movie is about the importance of communication whether that happens to be on a personal or at a larger level. Essentially if we can’t find a common language, then moving on beyond that point is impossible and all that might follow from that.

This movie is one that asks you to think, to ponder, to explore rather than just sit there and absorb what is happening on the big screen.This movie is tapping into the messages that a much earlier movie 2001 : A Space Odyssey explored and while it does not quite reach that point, it certainly gets quite close.

There are movies that you can’t help to miss as they are promoted heavily and then there are those that just creep up on you and surprise. This one sits in that second spot and you will find yourself looking at the areas it touches while making your way home. Also you will realise that Amy Adams’s stardom is rising, if it was not before.


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