A Street Cat Named Bob

Or maybe the title should be ‘ A Street Cat Named Bob And James Bowen ‘ for this is a story about them both and based on a true story.

James Bowen found himself on the streets of London and was also taking drugs to dull the tedium of where he found himself. James however wanted to change his life and get out of this downward spiral. He was put on a drug rehabilitation programme and assigned somewhere to live as long he stayed away from the drugs and started rehabilitation.

Well his joy at getting off the streets seemed somewhat short lived when he heard a noise in his new flat one morning. He naturally assumed as we all would that an intruder had got into the flat. Well there was an intruder of sorts, a ginger street cat.

For a while James circles the neighbourhood assuming that someone has lost a cat, but no this cat seems to have adopted him rather than the other way around. What to call him, well says his rather pretty free- spirited next door neighbour ” Bob ” and so it came to pass.

This story despite it’s somewhat downbeat start is an uplifting tale of the strenght of the human spirit and the difference having to take care of another life can be quite literally life – changing.

Luke Treadaway is playing James Bowen, but as so often happens it is the cat who quite literally steals the show,playing himself as it happens.

The story in parts could have stronger and some parts linger a little too long but overall if you are looking for a tale that uplifts, it’s certainly worth the price of attendance.


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