Doctor Strange

What do you do when everything in your job that means something to you is taken away, well head east young man. Such is the starting premise of Doctor Strange ( Benedict Cumberbatch ). He is an top-of-his-game high flying Neuro surgeon, then during a drive along a country road he finds himself at the bottom of a ravine and seriously injured. Upon waking in the hospital the thing that defined him, his hands have  been damaged. His tools of life have been cruelly snatched from his grasp.

I am sure that like me unless you happen to be a large Marvel comics fan, you are likely to  go” Doctor Who ? “, unintentional sci-fi reference there folks !! Doctor Strange is always going to be a harder sell than say, Spiderman. With Spiderman we already know the basic back story whereas with as with this movie, we are origin – story telling mode.

Always a difficult one that, how much do you tell the origin story and how much do tell the other sub-stories that surround it. If I am being completely honest here there was a might too much concentration on eastern mysticism and not enough action. The movie tends to zig – zag between the two and for me at least I would have preferred a bit more of the latter. These movies work best I feel when action is uppermost. This movie feels part – Inception, part -going to find onesself in the high mountains of the east.

The nemesis in this movie is in form of etherial  dark forces that have been unleashed while he tries to find himself so to speak. This forces him to make a choice – go back to his old life or tap into the force in him that he has unleashed and seek to become a powerful sorcerer.

As I mentioned earlier this movie could have done with a bit more action, as this tends to be these type of these movies selling point. This movie I find by the end was lacking something that I can’t quite put my finger on. Which is kind of ironic in a movie about finding ones true self and tapping into it.


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