Jack Reacher – Never Go Back

Whether you like this movie is very much based on whether you like Tom Cruise’s acting.
I will be honest here it really doesn’t matter to me when it comes to this and other Tom Cruise movies. I suppose his skill in acting is in that he can totally inhabit a part for that particular movie but move onto another part and you see him as each character in each movie. He has been in quite a few franchises but each one has not conflicted with the other. Why am I telling you this, well to add to his list of franchises we now come to the Jack Reacher one. Lee Childs the author of the series of books that this movie is based on has said himself that the character he wrote physically at least does not resemble Tom Cruise.

Yes this is all very lovely you say, but get on with the review please. The title of this movie may in part explain how you might feel after coming out of this movie. The first movie was a pleasant surprise to those who did not know the Jack Reacher character and I can be pretty sure that along with me, you will more than likely go to see this based on what came before. I think this is always the curse of H0llywood, they make a great movie that does well at the box office and try to repeat it. But as so often happens it doesn’t quite come off.

This movie is pretty much a paint by numbers action movie, what you expect to happen pretty much does.That’s not to say that this is necessarily a bad thing just don’t expect any more of this movie and you won’t be disappointed.

Tom Cruise plays the part of investigator Jack Reacher, his journey starts when he encounters Susan Turner ( Cobie Smulders ) who is accused of treason. But this does not sit well with Jack as he believes that she has been accused in the wrong and so the journey begins to try and clear her good name. It turns out doing stirs up a preverbial hornet’s nest of trouble for Jack and Susan.

Coming back to my point at the start of this review, Jack Reacher – Never Go Back is the name of this movie and I have to admit it here that at the end of this movie I can’t help but to tell you that this might be how you feel too !!


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