Cinema As An Event

Well those who read my blog regularly know that not a week goes by that I will not be at a movie, maybe even two or three – what decadence !! In fact there are weeks where I will just review one of the many that I have seen that week. But this week well as sometimes happens there are no movies of note to see. Sorry this week Tom Hanks & Ron Howard, I didn’t read any of Don Brown’s books and I have yet to see any of the movies.

So what to do for the person who really likes going to the cinema, well this week its event cinema. This is a fairly new phenomenon, it might be a tour around an art gallery or exhibition, an opera or a stage play or even a bit of Shakespeare. How did this come about ?

Well I think know the answer in part at least , there are a section of the population in this and many other countries that rarely step inside a cinema. How do they survive !!

I think also that it has been created for the art-house cinemas. While you can be pretty sure that there will be at least one cinema opening weekly most of these are aimed at the multiplexes and the more left of field cinematic options don’t come out with that frequency, and art-house cinemas are a great addition to the cinematic landscape.

These cinemas are also great at tapping into nostalgia as can be evidenced by my local, well sort of local art-house cinema. They have created some great scheduling of movie seasons ,whether it was the early James Bond movies, a musicals season or movies that you remember from ones childhood. All have been extremely well attended, I would go so far as to say that some competed numbers wise with the blockbusters of that week in other cinemas.

Despite streaming and other new forms of watching movies, I think that it is the atmosphere and an event that going to a cinema creates that keeps us going back for more. I am sure however that like me there are some movies that you come out of saying to yourself ” There’s time I’ll never get back ”

So if cinema is to continue in a healthy state this is what it can never lose, an experience and an event to savour and enjoy. Whether that happens to be just an occasional visit or a weekly trip.


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