Harry Potter – The Movies – Part 1

Now I know that there are movies out there that need reviewing, but I thought just for this week I would step back from them and let you know what I am doing at present when not watching the movies that I review every week for you.

A while ago I saw a trailer for the upcoming movie Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them. Whether it was the time period it is set in or something else, it lit a spark of magic in me, I thought I would like to know more . It just so happened that at the same time, my local multiplex started showing the other Harry Potter movies from the very beginning.

I have to admit here I was never a Harry Potter fan or more correctly that magic show  just passed me by. it just didn’t light that magic spark in me to quote myself from earlier on. I also have to admit I will not be reading the books that these movies are based on, though they might make for a set of handy doorstops !! Oooh, I can feel an unfortunate spell being cast on me as I say these words. Sincere apologies to J.K Rowling also.

When the movies were released for the first time around on the big screen I only got to the first one – Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone and excited stage left after that. So  I am actually seeing these movies for the first time, I haven’t even seen any of them on the TV !!

Well I could probably write a whole post about just the plotline of each movie, but if you happen to be a Harry Potter fan I am sure that you could quote it back to me verbatim.

So as a non fan which ones have worked for me. Well to step away from Harry Potter for a second, I will use a Star Trek movie reference, for me at least the odd numbered films are working best for me. I was revisiting the first movie for the second time and this was a nice refresher for setting up the rest of the movies that were to come. The second in the series Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets just passed me by and I may have lost heart at that stage which is unusual as it was the same director as the first one, which I really enjoyed even on it’s second viewing.

The next one to appear was Harry Potter And Prisoner Of Azkaban, I really liked it’s tone much darker, must be the Sci – Fi fan in me creeping out. Lost the amount of times I have seen Star Wars: A New Hope. So now we have reached number 4 in the series, Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire and I think that the curse of the even numbered ones struck again. While it was mildly amusing to see Harry Potter negotiate dating for the first time, the reappearance of he whose name can’t be mentioned didn’t quite rescue it for me.

So we are now half way through the series and I will be starting into the second group of 4 next week. So keep an I eye out for my thoughts on these in a few weeks and also what I think of Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them and whether I have struck by the world of wizardry or not !!



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