The Girl With All The Gifts

The zombie – apocalypse genre is a well trodden path and it can be hard for  your current movie to distinguish itself from the mass of zombie hordes of movies, so to speak. Every zombie movie will also get compared to the output of George. A Romero who is rightly at the top of the pile of zombie movies.

This current movie, The Girl With All The Gifts is going to rightly or wrongly going to be measured against another zombie movie of a number of years ago 28 Days, but stop yourself there this is not that tale.

We find ourselves inside an English military compound and a group of children are each being held in a solitary cell and only being let out on a limited basis to be taught by a teacher Miss Justineau ( Gemma Arterton ), these however are confined and shackled to a wheelchair throughout, why ? Well it turns out that these children are for the most part able to function and behave correctly despite being zombies, unlike those outside the compound. But just every so often they revert to type and the humans ask, can we trust them ?

Melanie ( Sennia Nanua ), seems a little different from the other children, she interacts with the humans on the base in a way that the others do not. Well as zombie hordes are want to do the base gets overrun and a small band of survivors – including Miss Justineau, Sgt. Eddie Parks ( Paddy Considine) and the base doctor Caroline Caldwell ( Glenn Close ) leave with Melanie to find Beacon, which is where they believe safety rests for all of them.

Mike Carey wrote the book that this movie is based on and as it happens he also wrote the screenplay for this movie. That as it turns out is a good thing for this movie. This is a story where we never really know if Melanie can be trusted to have the best interests of the human group at heart. Sennia Nanua, makes you care about Melanie’s character, not an easy thing to pull off in one so young. She is the movies stand out performance for sure.

If you are a fan of horror or the zombie genre then you will certainly enjoy this movie, but even if you are just a casual movie goer then there is certain to be enough to make you look at this movie through slightly open hands to the face. Worth checking out at your next trip to the cinema.

There behind you, quite a lot of zombies as it turns out !!


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