Bridget Jones Baby

As the strains of the song ” All By Myself ” start up we find our Bridget nursing a cupcake with a candle in it. It’s Bridget Jones’s  ( Renee Zellweger ) birthday, have we walked walked in on the first installment by mistake, no Bridget still does not have a man in her life !!

Although this movie is called Bridget Jones Baby – maybe it should have been renamed A Baby, A Funeral and Maybe A Wedding. That little synopsis kind of explains this movie’s plot such as it is. This is not War and Peace, but then the Bridget Jones story never was.

Well to get back to aformentioned funeral, Daniel Carver ( Hugh Grant ) has passed, what to do now after that. I know let’s go to a pop festival with a work friend. Just one problem Bridget is not dressed for the occasion and what can you be much guaranteed to find at an English pop festival apart from Ed Sheeran, mud !! Poor Bridget gets rather stuck and a knight in shining armour steps up in the form of Jack ( Patrick Dempsey ) and quicker than you can say ” This is not my glamping yurt “, the two of them hook up.

Move forward a short time and who should re- appear but old flame Mark Darcy ( Colin Firth ) and it appears that there is still a spark there. Well as often happens, something happens and Bridget finds herself pregnant, just one problem – who is the father.

Well this pretty much is the rest of the movie, with Bridget trying to decide which one she would like to be the father. The suave and dashing Jack or the last significant man in her life Mark.

The Bridget Jones Trilogy  is now like meeting an old friend who you have not met in some time but that matters not, we love Bridget anyway and enjoy all her mishaps on the way to getting a man. This movie is not the best of the trilogy but sits somewhere in the middle.

If you are looking for something that passes the time pleasantly with a few laughs that are thrown in, then this is the movie for you and your date possibly !! It’s like the filmic equivalent of slipping on a comfortable pair of clothing that you have’nt worn in a while. Still comfortable. Worth going to for Emma Thompson’s turn as Bridget’s doctor.


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