In case you are wondering what the word Anthropoid means, well the dictionary defines it as – something greater in human form. By the end of this movie you may well agree.

Let’s be honest here mention the word history to most people and a yawn is illicited or thoughts drift back to a dreary and dry long class in school. This is not that story, in fact there are so many films out there about during World War 2 some more fictional, some more factual and I may be open to correction here this story may not have been put up on the celluoid screen before.

Prior to the start of the war, Czechoslovakia’s freedom was threatened by Adolf Hitler’s expansionist plans and was occupied by the German forces under the pretense of uniting a small minority of the population of the Czech people who were of German origin. Move forward a number of years into the war and Czechoslovakia is now ruled over by SS Reinhard Heydrich, who earned the moniker ‘ The Butcher Of Prague ‘ who was also one of the main architects of Adolf Hitler’s ‘ The Final Solution ‘ – a plan to rid Europe of it’s Jewish populations. Heydrich and his occupation forces have pretty eliminated or at least seriously curtailed any Czech resistance to speak of.Apologies for the history lesson, but I think it might help should you go and decide to see this movie.

Now exiled in London, two Czech soldiers portrayed by Jamie Dornan and Cillian Murphy are now parachuted back into Czechoslovakia as part of a greater resistance cell to try and take out Reinhard Heydrich, once and for all.

Do they succeed, well unless you might have studied Czech history – chances are you won’t know and to tell you more would spoil the rest of the film. What I will say however is the fight between the German forces and the resistance at a Prague chapel will have you transfixed and the heroism of these men’s story deserves to be told.

A gripping tale, well told and unlike that previously afformentioned history class will not be a telling of history where the mind will drift and wander. History buff or not, a movie well worth making time for.


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