Popstar : Never Stop Never Stopping

Spinal Tap is seen as the zenith of the pop / rock mockumentary, so anything that comes after always has a to reach quite a height to compete with it. The next one to try and have a go is Popstar : Never Stop, Never Stopping from some of the gang from American TV show SNL ( Saturday Night Live ).

We find Conner4Real ( Adam Samberg ) just prior to the release of his much anticipated solo album, Conner had previously been part of the ultra successful Style Boyz along with two friends from childhood Owen ( Jorma Taccone ) and Laurence ( Akiva Schaffer ). Those in the know will instantly recognise who this hip – hop threesome are styled on.

Well to say that Conner4Real believes his own hype is an understatement and a decision is made to document to the release of the new album. Someone who starts to believe in their own hype, well more often the result never ends up being pretty. Conner4Real’s fall from grace is stratospheric.

Well,have you ever listening to modern music and thought ” They could really be singing and saying anything !! ” This is where quite a lot of this films comedy derives from. The music camoes are far too many to mention here, but they all play themselves bar one notable cameo from Justin Timberlake who inhabits the character of Conner’s tour cook.

Does the comedy work, well yes up to a point – you will yourself sniggering a few times throughout the movie as they SO capture, a lot of the modern pop industry and it’s falseness and PR heavy spin so well. Other than that, a bit like one of Conner4Real’s hits sometimes they hit gold other times not.

If you are looking for an amusing time to spend about 90 minutes go see it , but just don’t expect it to be Spinal Tap – mark two.


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