Pete’s Dragon

Do you remember those movies that you went to see as a kid, the ones that transported you right into the story. Well, if you are now all grown up or maybe now that you are and have kids, this might be one you and they want to go and see together.

Just a note, check your pockets before leaving the house – wallet, phone, car keys  & tissues. That last one by the end of this movie will be the most important. If you don’t at least sniffle by the end, what’s up ?

The recent crop of summer movies have, well at best been fairly ho – hum with a few occasional jewels. This is a very rare case in movies where the remake actually is much better than the original. There is probably a good chance that you might not have seen the original, it came out the same year as a certain movie that was based in a galaxy far far away and I think that I can be pretty sure that movie did better at the box office than the 1977 version of Pete’s Dragon, which was also a musical in a time when that type of movie no longer held popularity with the public in the way it once had.

The movie starts with a boy and his parents driving down a forested highway,this six year old is passing the trip as most kids of his age reading a book. We here a screech of tyres and we are now transported some years ahead. This boy Pete ( Oakes Fegley ) has now become an integral part of this part of this vast forest.

Mr Meecham, a woodcarver ( Robert Redford ) scares little children with stories of something he met in the forest one day. But even little kids while being scared don’t really believe the stories to be true and his daughter Grace ( Bryce Dallas Howard ) while loving her dad dearly certainly doesn’t.

But a secret is hard to keep quiet and Grace eventually stubbles along the young Pete while in the forest one day with young Natalie ( Oona Laurence ) and what do you know Pete has a rather large protector – a very large green dragon who he named Elliot. She befriends Pete and he is coaxed out of the forest into the logging town where all the other humans live. But you just can’t keep a wild child from reverting and seeking out his former life and friend. After all this has been his life for most of his years.

But there is always someone who thinks that a discovery like this is their payday ( Karl Urban ) and he seeks to capture this creature and exploit it for his own gain. Boo, Hiss !!

Disney has re – imagined some of their stories before – the recently successful The Jungle Book and I am pleased to say that this lucky streak continues with this most recent film. So if you look outside your window today and the Summer weather is being it’s usual zig – zag self. Take yourself off to the movies and you too will believe in a world of magic and wonder that lurks somewhere in the forest. He’s behind you !!


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