Suicide Squad

Is this movie as bad as other critics and websites would have you believe, no. Could this movie have been better, yes. Is it a Batman v Superman, no. Is it a Deadpool, no. To be fair to this movie I believe it sits somewhere in between. Go in just for the popcorn and candyfloss enjoyment of it and you will enjoy it, but this is not a genre defining movie like the original Superman was.

In fact as we are talking about critics and other movie websites there was a petition to have a certain movie review site taken offline, calm down there comic book fans it’s only a movie. Oohh, I can see plastic Thor’s hammers in the distance being unleashed !!

I have no problem with movies being promoted, but hyping a movie up is always a risky thing and most of the movies nowadays struggle to live up to  that. I really must get on now and review this movie.

Superman is dead, that stopped you in your tracks didn’t it. It appears that the authorities want to counter any future threats, so decide to gather up a band of not so superheroes, in fact most of them currently reside in prison and are not likely to get out any time soon. This band of criminally insane heroes are called the Suicide Squad.

Now if I am being honest here, most of them are hard to remember save the performances of Harley Quinn ( Margot Robbie ), current squeeze of The Joker ( Jared Leto ) and Deadshot ( Will Smith ), I could take or leave the rest and even the supposed nemesis of this movie The Enchantress ( Cara Delevingne ) was not strong enough I feel to seem truly menacing.

In fact to re quote myself here, if we are being honest I would have preferred more Joker and less Enchantress, he is just a better foe for the Suicide Squad to be pitted against. A stronger story may have been made if the Joker and Harley Quinn had gone on a criminal rampage through Midway City – ala Bonnie and Clyde, now there is a movie that I would have really anticipated and wanted to see.

Is this movie purely for the comic book fan, for sure. For the casual movie goer, less so.As I said earlier, go for all the pure comic book over the topness of it all, but just don’t expect it to be anything more than it is. Fun but not memorable.




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