Jason Bourne

People might have forgotten this because quite a few years have now passed, the first movie did not do stellar box office business  when it came out.  The franchise really started to succeed on DVD home rental. Hard to imagine now as even the highly successful James Bond franchise had to play catch up as the cinema going audience decided they quite liked Jason Bourne as much as they had James Bond in years past.

Once Paul Greengrass took over the directing helm after the first movie, his style of film making gave a unique style to the franchise. Unlike previous espionage action movies that came before you were not just watching the action you felt you like you were in the room so to speak.

Well after the previous movie’s sort of successful side track, the main players are back on track. After a little vacation where we didn’t see Jason Bourne ( Matt Damon ), we find him reconnecting with Nicky ( Julia Stiles ), she has more to tell Jason about his murky past.

The authorities are still trying to draw Jason back in and the latest person to try and connect with Bourne is Heather Lee ( Alicia Vikander ), she thinks that she can succeed where others have failed, maybe even outsmart him. Heather, where have you been, have you not done your research on your foe. This is Jason Bourne after all. She and the forces of law are then lead on a globe trotting merry dance by Jason Bourne as he tries to track and fill in the blanks in his previous life.

If there is a slight weak point in this movie, it is the side story that intertwines with the main one and involves a computer guru who has created Deep Dream, a new computer programme that will all want to use in the future on our devices. But to get to this point he has had to make deals with the authorities and now finds out to his cost that they are holding all the cards rather than him. But this is a minor quibble.

Bourne is back and on top, watch out Mr Bond it’s time to up your spy game again.



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