Star Trek Beyond

When it was announced that J.J. Abrams would be stepping back from directing duties this time around for Star Trek Beyond and Justin Lin of The Fast and the Furious fame was sitting into the directors chair, well it’s enough to make a Star Trek plastic Vulcan ears curl. Well you can relax there, no need to tap into your Klingon side – the franchise is safe.

Simon Pegg has become a co – writer of the script and it shows, there are all the things there that both the fan and just a casual viewer might like. But I found myself doing something  – laughing not once but many times. Mr Pegg is a fan but he also a good comedy writer.

The big question this movie asks, to sort of borrow from a song lyric ” The Federation, what is it good for ? ” Yes it’s all very well having this federation of alien planets working in harmony, but what does that mean and how far will you go to defend that guiding principle.

Being on a long space journey can, well boring is the wrong word but it’s important that you have something to occupy the mind.So it’s just another ho – hum day in space, then faster than you can ” Mr Sulu put the Enterprise into warp drive ” everything changes.A distress call is responded to and then a lizard – like alien race headed up Krall ( Idris Elba ) start to rip the Enterprise from stem to stern. Most of the rest of the movie then takes place on world, that’s really as there is no ship to speak of to fight back at Krall with.

He reminds Kirk ( Chris Pine ) on more than one occasion that when you venture out into space and push frontiers that every so often those frontiers push back, not every alien is a as cute as E.T it turns out.

This is actually no 13 in the Star Trek film franchise, but as it thankfully turns out for the movie goer, in this case at least 13 is not an unlucky number. This movie zips along with a bit of action, tension and comedy thrown in for good measure. Whether you are a die-hard fan or a first timer this is a summer blockbuster that is enjoyable, maybe even the best of the current bunch however I might be a bit biased in that regard and the Indie Hip – Hop trio ‘ The Beastie Boys ‘ have never sounded so good. There is a nice end credits tribute to those who are no longer with us too.


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