Ghostbusters ( 2016 )

Well to say that the internet went into meltdown when mention was made that the Ghostbusters franchise was been being rebooted and would have females stepping into the roles would be an understatement. Comments like ” You are ruining my childhood “, I am sure abounded the chat forums. Well I am here to tell that those people might now be quiet, it’s actually pretty good. Better than the original, well no. But I am old enough to remember that when the original movie was released back in the mid 80’s that a certain well known English film critic was less that glowing about that particular movie. Are we seeing that movie through our nostalgia lens, perhaps. In fact there are some knowing cameos from a few of the main characters.

While the franchise has been rebooted this is not a reboot of the original story. Time has moved onto the modern day and it appears that New York has forgotten about what came before. That’s not good.

Kristin Wiig is Erin a physics professor whose tenure is up for renewal and is somewhat jittery as a result. She has sought to distance herself from a former fellow academic colleague Abby ( Melissa Mc Carthy ). But Erin’s past comes to haunt her quite literally, in fact a book that she had written with Abby means that she is shown the door by the college that employs her. The ghostbusting foursome is completed by Jillian ( Kate Mc Kinnon ) who works alongside Abby and Patty ( Leslie Jones ) a New York subway ticket collector who finds them after she is convinced that rats are not the only thing that might live down in the subterranean darkness.

Well I could give you a blow by blow breakdown of the storyline, but let’s be honest here they go ghostbusting like those that came before to save New York from the next spooktacular apocalypse. That in a nutshell was the premise of the original. You will smirk may even laugh at regular intervals, but like most summer films they are forgotten not longer after you emerge mole – like into the sunshine. That was the market that the original pitched itself to.

Enjoy it, maybe even indulge in a bit of nostalgia if you like. Thankfully it’s better than Ghostbusters 2 which has been thankfully forgotten. I went into this movie with no preconceptions for what came before and was pleasantly surprised as a result.


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