The Legend Of Tarzan

Tarzan for some people was the one of first superheroes they encountered, even if they never picked up any book by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Let me say right off the bat that the story was written in a different time so adapting it for modern audiences is always a tricky prospect. The more enlightened world view means that we will always to come at this tale with a modern eye. That being said this movie makes an admirable attempt to tackle some big questions that might be asked .

Tarzan or Lord Greystoke – John Clayton The Third ( Alexander Skarsgard ) has now made a return to the jungle of the Belgian Congo after an absence of 10 years. He has lived in Victorian society with his now wife Jane ( Margot Robbie ) for all of that time.

He now however finds himself being drawn back to the Congo to confront Leon Rom ( Christoph Waltz ) an emissary of King Leopold who wants to get his hands on diamonds. Leon has used the fact that the fates have conspired to place Jane on the same boat as himself as a captive of his as a bargaining chip with an old nemesis of Tarzan. Tarzan is thus drawn to save his wife from the hands of Leon Rom.

Coming in the same year as the remake of Jungle Book, which lets be honest here we all had ourselves convinced prior to it’s release that it could not compare to the earlier animated adaptation and were pleasantly surprised when it was better than we thought it might be this was always going a tough sell.

While the storyline of these two movies are very different, where this movie shows some cracks is in the quality of the CGI, they are admirable but are just not quite up to the standard of Jungle Book. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the movie but I think that this movie could have been better. In an attempt to tackle the weighty issues mentioned earlier tackled I think something might have got lost in it’s worthy telling.

Just a note, don’t be in a hurry to get and leave straight away as Irish singer Hozier has done an admirable job in tackling the end credits song. Made me linger a little longer, well done sir.


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