Movie Songs More Successful Than The Movie

Well folks it’s happened again we are light on movie releases this week, so this week I have decided to concentrate instead on a lot of movies from my teenage childhood.

Some of these movies have become pretty successful on their release, others have sunk without trace and others have become cult classics.

Music is such an important part of a movie, but here we are talking more about the movie song rather than the theme tune. Have you ever heard of a movie called Electric Dreams, well let me save you the bother it’s not really all that good. The song however written by Philip Oakley lead singer with Human League and Giorgio Moroder is probably a good case in point. There is a good chance that once you have heard this song you will probably be humming it too. The movie on the other hand has sunk without trace, p.s don’t bother trying to seek it out I struggled to get to the end.

Many of the iconic movie songs that have eclipsed the movie or nearly did are not even original to the artist or group that you now associate with them. A true gem of British filmaking, Four Weddings And A Funeral was attached to the song Love Is All Around by Wet Wet Wet. This song in fact was created by 60’s group The Troggs. To say that the Wet Wet Wet version was successful is an understatement and in a time long before digital downloads and streaming spent an amazing sixteen weeks at number one in the charts.

Other examples from 80’s movies would be Don’t You Forget About Me by Simple Minds the movie song attached to the iconic John Hughes movie The Breakfast Club. In fact this one song broke Simple Minds into America. We have Kevin Costner to thank for Whitney Houston’s rendition of Dolly Parton’s song I Will Always Love You from The Bodyguard or maybe that’s not your type of thing and as we are talking about Kevin so to speak, along with Wet Wet Wet who we mentioned earlier the Bryan Adams song for Robin Hood – Prince Of Thieves is up there with the amount of weeks spent in the pop charts. Though last time I looked I don’t think Robin Hood had a mullet haircut or spoke with an American accent.

In fact coming right up to date, good and all as Despicable Me 2 may have been, I’m not understating the case when I state that the song Happy by Pharrell Williams has been permanently inserted into most of our brains and guaranteed to be played at family gatherings for many years to come. Thanks for that one Pharrell !!


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