Elvis & Nixon

Apologies to those expecting a post last week, to say that releases are thin on the ground is an understatement. I have been surviving on boxsets, Netflix and Studio Ghibli releases since last we talked. So it is with some relief that a gem has appeared from out the filmic wilderness.

No I’m not spoofing you but this actually happened and I have the picture to prove it, well actually the American National Archives do. In fact it’s there most requested image, Elvis did in fact meet Richard Nixon.

It appears that the King was quite miffed with the state of American society in the early seventies and thought to himself maybe I could contact the American president and he might be interested in my services as an undercover agent.

There is not any idea what actually happened at this meeting but this matters not to the filmmakers, they enjoy filling in what might have happened anyway and many comic moments ensue.

Micheal Shannon steps into the King’s shoes, trademark jumpsuit and wrestling size buckle. While does not really look like Elvis Aaron Presley, the real treat is actually Kevin Spacey’s portrayal of President Nixon. Take a bow Kevin, well done.

The running time of this movie is not overly long and normally I steer away from a movie of this lenght as experience has taught me they tend not to be that good. This is not one of them, ” Thank you very much  ” ( Trying out my Elvis impression ). In that vein, the lenght of this review is quite short too !!




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