The Nice Guys

Director Shane Black brought out a movie some years ago called Kiss Kiss Bang Bang starring Robert Downey Jr, so I suppose he thought if the double act worked that time maybe it was time to revisit this wellspring. I am glad to say that I for one am glad he did.

This time we have Ryan Gosling portraying Holland March, a down on his luck private eye in 1970’s Los Angeles or maybe he’s just not a very good detective. He certainly provides lots of comic moments in this movie.

He teams up rather reluctantly with Jackson Healy ( Russell Crowe ) to locate and bring back to her family Amelia ( Margaret Qualley ) who has found herself mixed up in the seedy world of adult entertainment.

It turns out that the more they dig around in this world to find Amelia, that she has got mixed up with not very nice people. Just to complicate matters Holland’s teenage daughter tags along but really should not be there, this is not a good world for a child of her age to be.

There have been many great double acts on the silver screen before and it is obvious to all that both of them are enjoying the comic possibilities that this type of caper throws up. If you are a fan of this type of movie and if you liked Shane Black’s previously mentioned crime caper then you are sure to enjoy this movie, but even if you have yet to catch that movie I am sure that you will enjoy it also. It also has a pretty absorbing 70’s disco soundtrack too.



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