Love And Friendship

I would not like to be a director trying to adapt a Jane Austen novel to the screen. Get it right and you will receive all the plaudits in the world, get it wrong and fans of period drama will chase after you like peasants with pitchforks in hand. I even think  fans of period drama might be like comic book fans who do not like their favourite superhero being messed with.

Thankfully this adaptation falls into the first area. Whit Stillman is the director adapting as it turns out a novella Lady Susan that had yet to be brought to the screen, which is unusual as pretty all her novels have either been brought to the large or small screen at this stage.

Well to coin a phrase ” Cat amongst the pigeons ” pretty much describes Lady Susan’s ( Kate Beckinsale’s ) effect on other people in her social high society. She starts out as a widow but seeks to win the heart of Reginald De Courcy ( Xavier Samuel ).

This adaptation sparkles with wit and comedy and you can see that Kate Beckinsale revels in her role as Lady Susan and the look and feel of the film and the period it portrays is note perfect. Yes, Lady Susan can be manipulative and scheming to get what she wants but you warm to her none the less, despite yourself.

If you like me are a fan of all things period drama, take yourself to your local cinema. Sit down and find yourself transported back a number of centuries. I have to admit part of my reason for going to see this movie is quite a few of the scenes are filmed not very far from where I live.

Enjoy, absorb and inhale this visual treat.



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